Construction & Engineering

Sustainable success is the key term in every company including those operating in the construction and engineering industry. It's all about the ability to accurately predict the costs and risks of a project, rapidly implement innovations, use virtual simulations for planning, incorporate photo-active building materials, adopt smart purchasing strategies, optimise the supply chain management and create teams with committed and highly-experienced people.

To be successful in the growing international, construction and engineering market, there is a constant demand for very experienced, multidisciplinary managers and engineers who manage their projects and resources carefully, control costs and project risks and are able to form and manage a strong team. We constantly follow the changes and developments in the market, therefore the Avon Arrow team is continuously seeking the one experienced and committed person who will contribute significantly to the success of your company in the following fields.

  • Residential and utility construction
  • Civil engineering
  • Foundations and drainage
  • Installation companies
  • Architecture firms
  • Engineering firms
  • Real estate services
  • Project developers
  • Manufacturers of tarmac, concrete, cement and concrete products
  • Glass and glass processing companies
  • Construction/fabrication shops
  • Manufacturers of windows, doors and frames
  • Other suppliers (tools, central heating, electricity, roofs, etc.)

Would you like more information, a specific reference list or an action plan for search and selection? Please call Avon Arrow in the Netherlands +31 (0)20 65 99 666, in Belgium and Luxembourg +32 (0)2 80 81 527 or send a message to [email protected].

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